Mindful Living

The quality of your mind determines the quality of your life
— Sam Harris


The term “mindfulness” has recently come in vogue. But what is it? And why should you care?

We believe mindfulness, a state of clear, non-judgemental and un-distracted attention to the present moment, is the secret sauce, the magic formula, the bottom of it all.

It is an essential tool for improving our self-awareness, happiness and overall experience in our journey through life. Understanding the nature of our minds enables us to focus amid the increasing overload of distractions we are exposed to and keep us from mental fatigue. It helps us examine our emotions, fears and recognise what is holding us back when we face big decisions or challenges. It helps us bring the growth we desire.

And guess what? It is a tool we can all access anytime, anywhere and we can only get better at through simple practice.  

At LiveBeyond, we provide the space and guidance for you to make mindfulness a habit and explore its benefits. Through a series of daily practices such as different types of meditation, yoga, tai chi or breathing techniques you’ll discover different ways to reach this state of relaxed awareness.

Stepping into the unknown is scary and it can be tempting to wait until things feel safe to take the leap. We’ve been there. So take a deep breath and take action! The time is now.

LiveBeyond thought.

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Felipe Galvis