Effective Remote Work

Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing
— Peter Drucker


We live in a demanding and distracting world. Plus, let’s face it: self-discipline is hard. Executing effectively can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. The perpetual “busyness” and information overload has driven some of us to burnout. Being “busy” is generally seen as a sign of status and success but in fact, being busy can be a form of lazy thinking and indiscriminate action. Enough of that.

We believe the practice of working long hours unnecessarily is a thing of the past and that the key to increasing productivity starts with managing oneself. Statistics show employers lose an estimated $1.8 trillion in lost productivity each year mainly because of employee lack of engagement with the job and stress-related problems. It has been proven that with an enhanced sense of well-being and self-awareness, workers tend to be more creative, productive, committed, and collaborative, which is the secret to successful remote work.

We provide the infrastructure, guidance and environment to help you get sh*t done. Through workshops and guided talks you will get access to the habits, routines, rituals and other tools used by world-class performers to be more effective. To do meaningful work that matters. Stop multi-tasking! Work smarter not harder.

LiveBeyond Distractions.   

Felipe Galvis