A different approach to co-working and co-living



LiveBeyond is a company created for the future of work.

We provide a physical and social environment for remote co-working, co-living and traveling, designed to enhance productivity, well-being and personal growth through experiential learning and behavioral change.

Our members immerse in handcrafted productivity paradises across the planet, become part of an international community with shared values and gain access to facilitated workshops, expert talks and curated local adventures.


LiveBeyond is any person of corporation looking to improve the way we live and work.

We serve those who strive for a more flexible lifestyle, live with purpose and perform at a higher level by working smarter rather than harder. We serve those organisations, which promote individual well-being as the basis for value creation.

We welcome curious minds, growth seekers and forever learners willing to question their own belief systems and recognize the value of closed-knit communities.



+ What is LiveBeyond about?

LiveBeyond is not another digital nomad retreat. We combine the flexibility of remote working with the desire to travel, grow and connect. We focus on self-management as a fundamental way to enhance our human potential, productivity and overall well-being. We are a results-driven community that embraces a more flexible lifestyle.

Technology continues to reshape the way we experience our journey on this planet, bridging gaps and allowing us to explore the world easier than ever before. We are increasingly able to do so without the need to interrupt our day jobs or personal projects. Remote working is here to stay and grow.

However, as the perceived distance to outer cultures shortens, the actual distance to our own inner world seems to enlarge. Technology has created information overload and countless distractions that keep us from noticing the world around us and truly connecting with ourselves and others.

While we seek to be “free” and escape the limits created by our fast-paced society --and our own mind, we miss the chance to master ourselves, unlock our true potential and live a meaningful happy life. At LiveBeyond we tackle these realities.

+ Sounds good. How does it actually work?

We bring together a group of individuals from all walks of life to live a 2 to 4-week handcrafted experience that aims to enhance productivity, well-being and human connection. We provide the environment, infrastructure, tools and guidance that will allow you to boost your productivity while you have fun, learn and live in beautiful locations.

You will have access to private or shared accommodation, co-working spaces, facilitated workshops, talks, local non-touristy experiences, peer-to-peer workshops, weekly community dinners, themed conversations and more.

+ What are the values behind LiveBeyond?

We believe in personal growth, in community building, in belonging. We believe traveling is a means of education, and that given the right conditions everyone around us is both an educator and a student. We believe we are all equal regardless of race, religion, backgrounds, dogmas, or political views. We are certain that the true value of a community lies in its diversity. We believe the only limits are within our minds.

With that, these are our driving values:

  • Work smart; work on yourself
  • Question your own belief systems and pursue the life you want to live
  • Leave a positive mark on those around you
  • Be curious; become an infinite learner

+ Who is your typical participant?

There is no typical participant; or at least not in terms of age, nationality, background or profession. There are however some common threads in the people who LiveBeyond, and our process is designed to ensure we deliver a meaningful experience. So what do they look like?

First, what they do. They are typically working professionals: either freelancers or remote workers. This includes creatives, entrepreneurs, consultants, athletes, lawyers, engineers, all of the above, and none of the above. People going through a life transition, a sabbatical or undertaking a personal project are also welcome. The key thing to keep in mind is that LiveBeyond is not a retreat, but rather a place where you can be productive while getting immersed in a different culture and growing as a person.

Most importantly, who they are. They are incredibly curious minds, forever learners, teachers and students of life. They find awe in everyday things and believe in the unbounded possibilities of human potential. They recognize the value of closed-knit communities, and don’t think twice about helping others in their journey through life. They like to slow down to go fast.

+ How is LiveBeyond different than other communities?

We certainly are different. We focus on productivity and taking our human potential to the next level. Humans are social animals to the bone, and finding your tribe is a fundamental element of life and a bottomless source of inspiration. We are very clear in our purpose and values, and welcome everyone and anyone who sees themselves reflected in them. Kudos to the other great remote working communities that have embarked on their own journey. You have our admiration.

+ How structured are these experiences?

You own your own experience. Everything is optional. That said, a typical day will include elements of fitness, yoga, meditation, nature, themed peer-to-peer conversations, facilitated workshops and/or group dinners; all happening around solid blocks of focused work.

Although everything is voluntary, effective work and community are central parts of the equation. When it’s time to work, people are focused, productive and considerate. And when it’s time to put down the laptops and share, people show up with an open mind, willing to grow

Check out the more specific things happening in our next experience.

+ What is the average age in the group?

Let’s say around 35yo… but as long as you are young at heart and haven’t yet stopped learning, you’ll feel right at home.

+ What should I expect once I arrive at my destination?

Each destination is different, but you can be sure we will provide the perfect setup for you you to connect with the community, a local SIM card should you need one, workable 24/7 internet and backup 4G data plans. There will also be an awesome welcome kit waiting for you upon your arrival, but let’s not spoil that surprise ;)

We will also cover unannounced events and surprises, in line with the "theme" of the experience. Depending on location, in some of the experiences you can also expect daily breakfast with locally sourced products and a constant supply of local fruits in the house.

+ Is the internet fast enough to work?

Connectivity is critical for effective remote working. We have partnered with our accommodation providers to guarantee the best broadband available at our destinations and, depending on location, have purchased mobile data plans and/or individual USB wi-fi dongles as backups.

+ Can I come with babies or children?

We love kids! However, we still don’t have the infrastructure to guarantee a good experience for people traveling with kids. We are certainly looking forward to it and would love to hear from you if this is something that interests you.

+ Who will be on location during the experience?

There will be one or two LiveBeyond location ambassadors on-site leading the experience with the group. As our local experts they will make sure your time at LiveBeyond flows with ease.


+ What is the price for living a LiveBeyond experience?

The price of each experience varies depending on a number of things, the main factors being your choice of location and private vs. shared accommodation.

+ What is/isn’t included in the price?

Please check the details of each specific experience, but generally speaking, it will cover:

  • accommodation (your choice of private or shared rooms) in very high-quality houses
  • 24/7 access to common areas
  • 24hr internet access and backup data plans
  • local SIM card (if required by participant)
  • local staff and dedicated experience leaders in every location
  • guided workshops, talks, guest speakers, facilitated trainings and peer-to-peer sessions
  • welcome pack with a few cool things to get you started on the right foot
  • access to alumni community and post-trip events
  • depending on location: welcome dinner; daily breakfast; airport pickup (most locations); locally sourced fruits and snacks in the house; morning activities like fitness, meditation and/or yoga sessions, or similar

The following is not included: flights in and out of the destination of choice; travel insurance; adventures outside of our planned activities (although we can certainly help you organize diving, trekking, rappelling, etc.); weekend trips you decide to do during the program; alcohol; meals (although –again– we are happy to help organize group dinners and tap into our local knowledge for getting you the best places); and other personal expenses.

+ What is the cancellation policy?

We understand sometimes life happens and plans change. If unfortunately you are unable to attend, please let us know as soon as possible. We'll make our best to accommodate. Here’s the fine print:

  • 50% deposit is required to secure your spot, with the remaining 50% to be paid latest at 1 month prior to the experience
  • Cancellation +3 months before the commencement of the experience, 100% refund of the value paid
  • Cancellation +2 months before the commencement of the experience, 50% refund of the value paid
  • No refunds can be provided thereafter


+ Does LiveBeyond take care of my visa application?

It is the participants’ responsibility to research the visa process and requirements based on where they’d like to travel to and where they are traveling from. We can provide documentation that may help you in your visa application, if needed. Please send us a quick request and we'll be happy to help.

+ What are accommodations like?

Accommodations vary depending on location, but we always provide very high-quality houses, villas or flats, with a choice of private or shared bedrooms. Every time location allows, we will partner with large property owners where the whole group can live together (for example, by booking the whole premise in boutique hotels with access to kitchens and facilities). This will not always be possible, but rest assured you’ll be well taken care of. Accommodations include towels, linens and internet connection.

+ Can I arrive before or leave later?

That would be great! If you can arrange for arriving earlier or staying for longer exploring the country where we will LiveBeyond, we would encourage you to do so — get immersed in the culture and do let us know how we can make it easier for you. However, if this is the case we won’t be able to provide airport pickup and you will be responsible for your own accommodation arrangements for the days out of the scope of the program.

Any further questions?