There is only one grand lie: that we are limited. The only limits we have are the limits we believe
— Wayne Dyer


We think of growth as our development as individuals. Development in key areas of life such as health, wealth, work / career, relationships, contribution, etc. In a world where stress and depression are major causes of terminal disease, it is critical to break with the recurring negative patterns that affect our well-being. It is critical to embrace self-discovery and self-management to push humanity forward.       

We believe our daily habits, actions and behaviors shape our lives. Our beliefs drive these habits and behaviors, therefore, determine the results we obtain. Unfortunately, most of us have deeply-ingrained fear-based limiting belief systems, which keep us small and keep us from operating at our highest potential. It is time to break through our limiting beliefs in order to flourish as a race.

At LiveBeyond, we provide guidance and facilitate activities designed to reduce our automatic negative thoughts (ANTs) and find the motivation we need to change the bad habits that hold us back.      

It all starts with our own desire to grow. If we keep behaving the way we always have, nothing will change. What we resist, persists.

Be the CEO of your life, upgrade your habits and operate at a higher level.

LiveBeyond limits.

Felipe Galvis