Mindful Consumption

It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly
— Bertrand Russell


The way we consume is changing. We are not only looking for greater meaning in how we live and work but also in how we consume. The rise of Minimalism and Zero-waste campaigns highlights a more conscious approach of younger generations when it comes to practical and sustainable living. But here’s a fact: studies show that amongst the 89% of people who say they recycle at home, only 52% always do so. It is time to mind the behavioral gap.  

With record heat waves across four continents in 2018 and scientists talking of a “sixth mass extinction” of living systems, we believe it is critical to close the disparity between intentions and reality, and to revisit what our basic human needs truly are. Future generations need this planet so we must live more responsibly here and now.   

We provide guidance and facilitate the creation of habits that promote a lifestyle of limited impact to the planet.   

We understand it is challenging, expensive and inconvenient. It takes time and dedication. But it is necessary. Are you ready to be part of the new wave of mindful consumers? Together we can make a difference and contribute to the planet.

LiveBeyond waste.

Felipe Galvis