Iceland Gastro Package

Iceland Gastro Package


LiveBeyond has teamed up with Nic Zahasky for its 2019 Iceland experience, who will be in front of this Iceland Gastro Package.

A life long gastronome and once corporate executive chef, Nic has launched, run and redeveloped restaurants and food-service programs across the USA. He has cooked for personalities including Michael Pollan and Dave Asprey.

Since his retirement from his executive chef role, Nic has focused on what he calls BEING | HUMAN: the study of self improvement through control of environment, nutrition, and functional fitness.

Nic is now a public figure and personality for Paleo nutrition and ancestral health, bringing more awareness and accessibility to ancestral nutrition, providing in-home culinary and retreat experiences centered on local farm-to-fork, foraged and seasonal eating aligning with our genetics.

Immerse in a unique experience that will upgrade your life!

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