+ How Light can make or break your Productivity

  • What is the circadian rhythm and the eye clock?
  • How is the wrong light harming your mind and eyes?
  • What is good light vs bad light?
  • How can you improve your sleep with light & dark?
  • What is blue light toxicity?

+ Could your computer and phone be killing you?

  • What are nnEMF’s (non-native Electromagnetic Frequencies?
  • How can you practice safe tech as a digital nomad?
  • How can you minimize your nnEMF exposure and protect yourself?
  • What is grounding?
  • How can you measure/see these ‘invisible’ fields?

+ Healthy plant-based eating while traveling

  • Create healthy eating habits on the road
  • Make your own batch of plant-based snacks for the week
  • Learn how to cook minimalistic breakfast and snack recipes with few ingredients
  • Master simple and nutritious cooking while traveling

...and many more to come!


Victor Biohacking LiveBeyond.jpg



Meet Victor. Optimal health coach, citizen scientist, motivational speaker and documentary filmmaker. He has recently completed a feature-length documentary called My Neuroplastic Adventure.

His personal journey has taken him from the cutting edge of neuroscience to the most ancient forms of tribal healing.

He has worked with best-selling author & physician Dr. Gabor Maté; Canada Research Chair in Neurobiology of Motor Learning Director, Dr. Lara Boyd; and with NYT best-selling author Dr. Norman Doidge, to name a few.

He also happens to be blind.




Meet Ines. Plant-Based Fitness Coach with a mission to help digital nomads create healthy, sustainable lifestyles, so they can work and travel the world vibrantly!

After living in 4 different continents and being a fully digital nomad herself, Ines has now mastered the art of staying fit on the road.

Ines’ clients create exciting lifestyles, involving physical activities and nourishing meals they can do anywhere.

Join us in Malta and learn first-hand how to be productive, fit and healthy anywhere.

WhoIs LiveBeyond.jpg




  • November 3-16, 2019 (2 weeks)


  • EARLY BIRDS: Starting at EUR 1,300
  • Couples/Partners: 2nd person 50% off
  • Alumni: 10% off

What else is included?

  • Private villa(s)
  • Private or shared accommodation; all esuite
  • Dedicated co-working space
  • Daily breakfast
  • Daily yoga and mindfulness practice
  • Fitness sessions and personal training on-site
  • Welcome and closing event/dinner
  • Expert-led workshops and talks
  • Transportation Airport—Villa—Airport
  • Local SIM card with data plan
  • LiveBeyond Welcome Kit, sponsored by Intelligent Change
  • LiveBeyond community membership

A professional photographer will be on-site to record all memories of this remarkable experience.